Photo of Shane Ashford

Shane Ashford

January 2018

One of my two primary current goals is to build my knowledge and skills in the tech industry: in web development, software development, and IT in general. But I don't see myself as a web developer. I see myself as a skilled person whose work it is to keep learning and growing.

I'm a perennial and voracious learner. For me, the cultivation of adaptability and functional knowledge is an imperative for success in our rapidly changing world. Besides that, learning new things is intensely satisfying. At present, I'm particularly keen on honing my skills in analytical thinking. Coding is proving to be a wonderful tool for this.

I'm an invested Louisville native. I'm currently working with a small group to found the first rural/urban ecovillage cohousing cooperative in Kentucky. Community is of the utmost importance to me. Relationships are the key to human happiness. My work is creating more opportunities to build healthy, organic relationships in my life and in the lives of others.

Besides these two primary endeavors, I also make time for running, playing racquetball with friends, reading sci-fi, and spending time in nature.

Currently Reading: 'Average is Over' by Tyler Cowen